If you have a family and a home you love, security is essential. Unfortunately, the chance of your house being broken into is extremely high. By installing SupaScreen™ security products in your home, your valuables and loved ones will be protected.

And when the weather heats up, you and your family can enjoy the flow of cool breezes through your home whilst keeping the flies and mozzies out with SupaScreen™ security doors and window screens.

Made from high-tensile, fine stainless steel mesh, SupaScreen™ is the latest innovation in security products technology. It maximises strength and durability without the need to sacrifice views associated with security bars and other types of barrier security.

The frame can be colour matched to your requirements and Bayside can provide you with a measure and quote to ensure that the products fit your home perfectly.

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Bayside Security Doors and Blinds

Bayside Security Doors and Blinds

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