We use only primary ingot aluminium, stainless steel fasteners (nuts and bolts) with UV stable polyester powder coat in the latest colours for the best possible appearance and protection. The polyester has been used and tested in Australia and South East Asia for many years under extreme UV conditions.

Backed by laboratory testing, these high performance outdoor coatings satisfy the requirements of the British standards (as used in many Asian Countries), BS6496 (1984), BS6497 (1984) and the Australian Standard, AS 3715 (1989). These specifications cover the surface protection, whether resistance and retention of a uniform level of gloss and colour so that the overall aesthetic appeal is not impaired. A handy tip is to clean the furniture with good quality car wash which contains a polymer. Rinse off and allow to dry thoroughly.

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Bayside Security Doors and Blinds

Bayside Security Doors and Blinds

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