Cellular blinds

For something that little bit different, Cellular blinds are a great solution.

The honeycomb style comes in a wide range of colours and provides great thermal qualities, saving you money in heating and cooling.

They insulate via the unique hexagonal shaped cells, that hold still air in the pockets.

We have a range of cell sizes, fabrics and lift control options.

Most of our honeycomb blinds are Made In Australia  (there is an imported range available)

  • Fade resistant fabrics
  • Light Weight, able to span large distances, suitable for big windows and sliding doors.
  • Compact when raised, they practically disappear
  • Easy Installation
  • Blocks out 99% of UV rays in all styles

Cell Sizes

Single Cell – 25mm, Perfectly proportioned for small & medium windows

Double Cell – 2 x 20mm, Benefit from the single cell size, plus greater insulation properties

Lifting Configurations include:

  • Bottom Up (via a cordlock or continuous cord
  • Top Down, take control of the view whilst taking advantage of privacy
  • Top down/Bottom up, a blind that can do both functions….very convenient.
  • Day/Night blind…translucent during the day, blockout at night.
  • Skylight blind
  • Special shapes including triangles and sloping head blinds.
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