Plantation Shutters

For the ultimate in window furnishings, both in appearance and performance, Plantation Shutters provide excellent window coverage, heat and noise reduction.

With the choice of basswood or Thermopoly or the added security of aluminium shutters can be used in a variety of situations both inside and outside.

Plantation shutters can hinge, slide or bi-fold.

Premium Basswood plantation shutters are both light weight and beautiful.  Each panel is custom made using mortice and tenon joins.  They are finished with a multi sequence of hand sanding with fine sandpaper and finished with a high quality polyurethane finish.

Thermo25 thermopoly shutters are perfect for wet areas.  Custom made and moisture resistant, Thermo25 shutters come with a 25 year warranty.  EVERY panel has an aluminium insert for strength.

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Bayside Security Doors and Blinds

Bayside Security Doors and Blinds

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